Stands For Equality

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Colour stands for a purpose, for equality, and for emotion. Colour stands as a purpose. Colour makes life bright as well as dark; as well as colour makes life warm as well as cold. Colour is what makes life enjoyable. Imagine the sky without picturing the colour blue or the sunset without a mixture of warm colours; life would be a lot different. Some people would say not as enjoyable. An artist paints pictures with colours, and a crafter sculpts with clay. They need these tools in order for the task to be done. Humans have irises in which they have a colour. Some are blue, some green and some hazel. The colours of our irises are partially what make you, you and me, me. Colours are elements of the visual language that people process before …show more content…

Black and white are two shades; some people describe these shades as colours. Both of these colours we need to create a dalmatian puppy. Black and white are two colours that both equally make up the genes of people in society. Black and white stand for equality; both colours matter. Black and white both equally create presidents and prime ministers and bus drivers and teachers; colour serves for equality. “No human race is superior.” Metaphorically speaking, this quotation explains how colour stands for equality because black and white are to be equal. This quotation shows a great level of proof that indeed colour stands for equality because it is explaining that no human race is superior; meaning if you have white skin or if you have black skin it does not matter because all are equal in the face of God. Colours equally add to the greatness of life. Some of the best things you can visually see are abstracted through colour. Fields of flowers, sunsets, rainforests are all examples of beautiful things to look at; but would they still be beautiful if all the colours did not contribute to these beautiful sights? Imagine taking the colour green from the rainforest, and then having the colour blue erased from the skies; life would not nearly be as beautiful because these two colours widely make up the base of these parts of the

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