Stanford Prison Experiment

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If I was in charge of an experiment like the Stanford Prison Experiment, I think that I would have conducted something like that. I don’t see any moral reasoning why not to, all the participants were voluntary and there was nothing illegal being conducted and extremely valuable data has been extracted from it so I do not see the point of steering clear of this type of experiment. I think a good follow on study might have been a roll reversal, would the inmates have taken a different approach to the guard duties knowing how they were treated while inmates or would they have acted even more aggressive?

If you put me in the guard role, I don’t think that I would have been abusive like a lot of the guards turned out to be. In my regular job I am in a position of authority but I don’t feel like I abuse my powers to the extent like the guards were doing in the video. I just don’t have that Alpha type of dominating personality that seemed to be a characteristic among the guards, I don’t think that means I wouldn’t be able to do the job, but I think I would not have been as demeaning towards the inmates. …show more content…

With some of the things that they were saying and putting there hands on the inmates and abusing them, it seemed that the inmates showed a lot of composure with how they handled themselves. If this were a real prison system and I had a five year sentence, I think that I could take it because there really isn’t another option that to endure it or commit suicide, which to me isn’t really an option

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