Staples and Corporate Citizenship

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This work will additionally answer as to the writer's experience with Staples and what other stakeholders report about Staples' citizenship and reputation.
Staples is reported to be committed to responsible corporate citizenship referred to by the company as "Staples Soul". (WikiInvest, 2012) This is reported as a holistic approach to business the recognizes the close connection between the financial success of the company and the company's desire to "make a positive impact on"¦associates, communities and the planet." (WikiInvest, 2012)
I. Ethics
Staples believes that ethics are "more than a set of policies on paper" and that ethics is part of the company culture. The ethical business practices are staples are maintained by "encouraging open and honest communication and giving associates practical tools to make sound decisions." (WikiInvest, 2012)) Staples further conducts ethics training worldwide to enable their associates in the understanding that "their actions have an impact on other associates, customers, suppliers, and shareholders." (WikiInvest, 2012)) Ethical dilemmas are addressed that associates might face and information is provided on how the associates can gain assistance and report issues.

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