Primark 's Corporate Social Responsibility

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Summarize the Ways in Which PRIMARK have Lived Up to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policies and Ways in Which They could or should have Done Better.

Primark, an Irish clothing retailer company was set up and headquartered in Dublin in 1969. Nowadays, there are over 250 stores across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and the United States. Moreover, Primark operates with about 700 suppliers in China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Eastern Europe. Primark takes corporate social responsibility for the shareholders, owners, customers, suppliers as well as employees. Corporate social responsibility is that a company not only creates profits for the shareholders, but also undertakes the social responsibility for customers, employees and environment, including complying with business ethics, rights of workers and the rules of environmental protection. In order to develop continuously, corporate social responsibility plays an significant role in a company, which drives stakeholders have reliance on the company. This essay focuses on the ways in which Primark taking its duty to society and the ways in which the company should have done better.

Primark meets the corporate social responsibility to environment at large. Firstly, Primark establishes a partnership with CottonConnect aiming to improve the farming technique that growing cotton with fewer resources. In this way, the farmers can earn more money for themselves. Secondly, in order to promote a green production

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