Star Trek Comparison

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When I was growing up I loved watching TV and Movies. I loved being able to just tune out the problems of your world and for a couple of hours you could be transported to another world and just all of the problems of your world just melted away. I loved almost every genre of movies and TV but one of my favorites was always Sci-Fi, and when you’re thinking of Sci-Fi most people will think of two main series; Star Wars and Star Trek. When I saw that we were writing an essay about comparing and contrasting the first thing that my mind leapt was to compare two of my favorite series growing up. Today I am going to talk about several similarities and differences between two very popular and historic series. The first main difference between…show more content…
Their main similarity is the fact that they are both sci-fi films and they both take place primarily in space but this where the similarities end. The style of both of these movies are very drastic and differ very much. Star Trek has a “Space Cowboy style”. It focuses very much on the action and creating a very thrilling plot that keeps people engaged throughout the entire movie. Star Trek has lots of “shoot ‘em up” scenes and plenty of action. The main philosophical emphasis of Star Trek is exploration and how to morally deal with a new situation. Star Wars is referenced to an epic “Space Opera”. There is a large focus on mythology and world religion. One of the main focal points of the beginning of the series is the big folklore that is the “Force”. This is what binds the universe together and is what gives the main characters in the series their powers. In the beginning of this series there aren’t a lot of people that believe in the “Force” saying that is a silly religion. There is a large part of the movie that spent convincing the main character that the force is real. The main philosophical emphasis of Star Wars is the fight against good and evil and how to distinguish one over the other
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