Star Trek Theme Party

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Star Trek Theme Party The requirements of a perfect party are happy guests, a good theme, and entertainment. If only two of these necessities are adhered to, a party will function acceptably, but it will not be perfect. In the event that only one of the requirements is followed, the people attending the party will not see the value of planning the party in the first place. Many parties have been perfectly planned, except then some of the guests don’t like each other. This can be frustrating for not only the people involved in the disruption, but the host and the other partygoers. Additionally, the people may interact well together, but the theme of the party may not be what everyone would enjoy or not well planned. Furthermore, if a party has…show more content…
In the Star Trek theme party, the background needs to be a place on a starship, such as Ten Forward in The Next Generation series. This is commonly a happy place, despite the dim illumination in the show, since it has Guinan, the bar hostess, who is always willing to give her wisdom to people who need to make difficult decisions. For this reason, the people who attend the party will be immersed in an enjoyable atmosphere. Having guests feel at ease is essential to a perfect party, and this party meets, and possibly exceeds, the requirement. Being part of Starfleet is generally regarded by fans to be a high honor on account of the fact that a person must complete many rigorous programs to be on a starship. To be on the flagship of the fleet, the USS Enterprise, the honor is even greater, so by wearing the uniforms of the characters, the guests at the party will be happy. Cardboard cutouts of the characters will be present, as they will not only make the party seem larger, but it will allow the guests to feel in character among their favorite space going entities. Furthermore, since the show is set in the future, the guests will be able to think about something other than their school or work schedule, as others will no doubt be discussing Star Trek related trivia at the party. Therefore, the background of the perfect party can be the darkened, but uplifting, atmosphere of the Ten Forward lounge as reflected
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