Starbucks : A Complete Marketing Analysis

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A Complete Marketing Analysis

Organizational History

The first Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington by Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegel in 1971. The city was noted for its coffee before World War II, but the quality of its coffee had declined so much by the late 1960’s that Gordon Bowker made trips to British Columbia, to buy his coffee beans. (Reference for Business, n.d.) He wanted a dark, delicious coffee he had discovered in Italy. Jerry Baldwin and Zev Siegl were looking for new ventures at the time and the three of them got together and built their first store located in the Pike Place Market. They picked the name Starbucks for the punchy “st” sound and its reference to the coffee-loving Moby Dick. …show more content…

Starbucks didn’t like this idea and a result Schultz left the company and wrote a business plan of his own. His parting with Starbucks had such an impact they decided to invest in his vision. In 1986 Schultz opened his first coffee bar called Il Giornale serving Starbucks coffee and it was an instant hit. A year later Schultz’s coffee bars were thriving while Starbucks was struggling. Schultz approached Starbucks and offered them $4 million for the six store Starbucks chain. In 1987 the I1 Giornale shops changed their name to Starbucks and the company became Starbucks Corporation and went public in 1992. (Reference for Business, n.d.)
In 1994 Starbucks broke into new markets in Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. (Reference for Business, n.d.) In 1996 Starbucks continued their growth by venturing overseas for the first time to Japan, Hawaii, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand, and Malaysia, China and South Korea, Philippines, Kuwait, Lebanon and the UK. (Reference for Business, n.d.) Growth also continued here in the U.S. with 2,200 locations by the year 2000. Starbucks rate of growth in the early 2000’s pushed the chain past the 10,000 unit mark. (Reference for Business, n.d. pg. 4) Today Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world ahead of UK rival Costa Coffee, with 21,160 stores in 63 countries and territories, including 12,067 in the United States, 1,570 in China, 1,451 in Canada, 1,070 in

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