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Starbucks is one of the most admired international coffee brands. As Indian economy is growing, Starbucks has sensed business opportunities and has entered through a joint venture with Tata Global Beverages and worked to create best business in India.
Business Strategy To Generate Best Business In India:
Starbucks is selecting strategy in a systematic manner by opening stores only in prominent locations to attract more consumers and starting with the small business to create best business in India.
Giving customers a high quality coffee experience along with comfortable and spacious facility where they could spend their time with friends and family. According to a research report on coffee chain, “Very few of Indian consumers order a
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For example, the store in Connaught Place, New Delhi has ropes and carpets on the wall with the pictures of Indian spices. This look makes it very soothing for the eye. Sofas and chairs were very comfortable with enough space to sit. Outlets are so spacious that we could easily walk and move. This was complemented by the soft music soothing to ears. When I visited the store, there were lot of customers in the store, but the place didn’t seem crowded because of vast available store space. Stores are designed to give customers a unique experience in Starbucks. They aim to provide world-class facilities to its customers. Starbucks has also emerged as a meeting place for businessmen and entrepreneurs.
Attitude ofThe Staff:
Staff was very helpful and polite. They were good in communications and in etiquette. There was one dedicated person to help customers find their place. Also there was one extra person at the counter to help customers choose their drink. Behavior of the manager towards employee was also good. Even once, I saw manager picking leftover plates. This reflects their courteousness and good culture. All these factors increase customer loyalty which generates best business opportunities in India. Starbucks also replaces the drink of a customer free of cost, when a customer after tasting his drink finds it not suitable for himself. This sends a positive message towards Starbucks.
Prepaid Card
Starbucks also offers customers the facility of
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