Starbucks Market Entry Mode by Ahmad Omar Rahman

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International Business Management
August 2013

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The Company makes fresh Starbucks coffee and coffee-related products conveniently available via mail order and on-line. It runs over 55 countries in many regions including North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and so forth. Starbucks headquarter is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. It has approximately 149,000 employees (Starbucks Corporation, 2012), Starbucks main goal is to continue to be the most well-known and famous brand in the world. Hence to achieve its objectives, the company has increasingly expanding its retail and licensed store in the world. (Starbucks, About Us, n.d.)
In this research report we discuss different entry mode Starbucks uses to enter a new market, why it choses and its success. In addition we will look at the company competitive environment, the corporate strategy and the environmental factors that can impact on the company.

The selection of right entry mode has been one the most critical decision made by any entity wants to expand locally or globally. “Entry mode is one of the most critical strategic choices, because it affects the

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