Starbucks ' Organizational Culture And Key Leadership

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Starbuck’s Strategy
Segun Adeyemi MGT500
Modern Management Prof.Carolyn Green

Introduction: Starbucks ' Organizational Culture & Key Leadership, Management Traits Starbucks distinctly stands out from other food or beverage chains in terms of the consistent quality of experience, that is symbolic of the company. A number of aspects have enabled the company to foster this consistency: a culture based on communication and centered around the customer, innovation in business practices, pioneering technology integration, an international appeal and steadfast commitment to its original ideals (for example, no franchising).
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It is this willingness to embrace criticism that has allowed for openness to foster in Starbucks (Simon, 2009).
As a company marketing premium products, the organizational culture is supersensitive to maintaining and preserving quality. Starbucks stores are not franchised, a unique aspect about the company, which allows for even better quality control. Company executives take it upon themselves to visit each store to ensure that the quality criteria are being met.
Effectiveness of Starbucks ' Management Decisions Innovative offerings have been extremely relevant at Starbucks, and the company has been highly effective in implementing them from time to time. For one, high ticket coffee is not a staple for the masses, and innovation is needed to capture the imagination of its customers. Secondly, Starbucks portrays itself as a happening place, where a heavily international clientele feels just about as comfortable as the young or the artsy. When Starbucks started to offer free Wi-Fi to their customers in all of its North America locations, they were pioneers in a way because none of the other food chains were even close (it would be years before McDonald 's would tie up with AT&T, emulating Starbucks ' Wi-Fi offering). This allowed them to target a clientele that could use the technology, with enough discretionary income to become a repeat customer.
Likewise, in offering an

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