State Credentialing Board Research Paper

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Kristy Hailey
State Credentialing Board Research Paper
January 30, 2017

I chose to do my paper on the State of Tennessee. I will explain the state board information and help to become familiar with the credentialing and regulatory processes that will govern my practice as a counselor.
The Tennessee Department of Health specifies the information for the “Board of Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marital and Family Therapists and Licensed Pastoral Therapists”. They are in Nashville, TN. Their address is 710 James Robertson Parkway Nashville, TN 37243.
Their mission is this: “The Board is responsible for safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of Tennesseans, by requiring that all who practice …show more content…

Each July the board elects these following members: a president, a vice president, a board administrator, and a secretary. The president is required to attend all board meetings. The vice president takes the presidents place if the president is absent. The board administrator and the secretary are both in charge of correspondence from the board. Regarding board meetings: At least one meeting is held annually. All other times and dates are appointed by the board. Two members of the board or the president may request special meetings. All board meetings are open to the public. “Topics on the agenda may include adopt and revise rules and regulations, examine for, deny, with hold, or approve the license of an applicant and renew licenses or certificates, establish continuing education requirements, appoint a designee to assist in the performance of its duties, conduct hearings and the board has the authority to select a consultant” (Rules of Tennessee board for professional counselors, marital and, family therapists and clinical pastoral therapists, 2016).
The requirements for licensure consist of education requirements, internship hours and proper examination and documentation. First, you must be 18. The educational requirements include sixty graduate semester hours that all must be completed from an accredited institution. “The graduate coursework should include these courses: Theories of human

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