State Your Business, Macedon Essay

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The sand seemed to retreat in fear as the men clad in steel armour trod upon it. The crowds parted as the foreign men climbed the crumbling stone steps that approached the palace, a single strong soldier clad in thick armour considerably different from the group who had so uninvitedly approached the palace stepped forward and halted the group from proceeding.
“State your business in Macedon!” the guard yelled menacingly.
“We are simply here to negotiate with King Phillip”
The leader of the group stepped forward. The soldier was clad in beautiful ceremonial armour, with the finest craftsmanship used to carve outstanding curves and patterns onto the chest plate of what seemed to be made of sturdy steel. The soldier’s words said little yet …show more content…

The King hissed through clenched teeth, “You dare to come into MY city, march into MY palace and interrupt MY dinner to offer me that filth!”
“Phillip, I believe the offer is more than fair, you either surrender… or you burn, and the decision is yours.” Artorius spoke down to the king as if he were a peasant,
“You dare to address me as Phillip, you think yourself to be on my level boy? I refuse your offer Captain.”
Artorius’ party began to make their way out when Artorius turned back to King Phillip “Let us hope you won’t live to regret this.” Artorius nodded to his men to follow him as he stormed off the palace. He drew his sword as he reached the doorway, as did every Greek soldier in the palace, Artorius then thrust his blade into the carving of King Phillip upon the tall wooden door, Artorius chuckled and departed the palace.

A Grecian scout dressed in light leather armour raced through the crowd as he pushed his way towards the palace, the sand kicked up behind his feet and the pebbles in his sandals only quickened his pace. He had some important news and was intent to reach the palace to inform the king. The scout continued to run expeditiously through the streets whilst the scalding sun that beat down upon him forced the man’s bodily fluids to run down his face, he seemed to have run for miles yet he still moved with the speed of a coursing river. As the scout approached the large wooden doors the soldier standing guard recognized him as Larentius, King Phillip’s

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