Stateless Minority People Of The Rohingya

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Executive Summary

The Rohingya are the stateless minority people of Myanmar and have been residing there for a long time. They have deprived citizenship as Myanmar government consider them as illegal immigrants. So they are being deprived of many of the basic rights and being tortured for a long time but the recent “Ethnic Cleansing” mission of the Myanmar government has severely destroyed the Rohingya and forced them to leave the country.

Who are the Rohingya people?
The Rohingya are the minority people of Myanmar residing in the Rakhine state of the country. They are the world’s most harassed minority. Majority of the ethnic group are Muslim while some of them are Hindu, who lived in Myanmar for centuries. They have been denied citizenship since 1982 in the Buddhist Southeast Asian country. There are 135 official ethnic groups in Myanmar but the Rohingyas are not considered among them. Most of the Rohingya people live in the Western coastal state of Rakhine and are not allowed to leave without permission from the government. Though they have been living there for quite a long time they are deprived of the basic services and opportunities of the country.

According to some authentic sources, Rohingyas have lived in Myanmar since as early as 8th century. The Rohingyas say that they are the successors of Persian & Arab Muslim traders, who came to the country generations ago. During the British rule from 1824 to 1948, migration took place to present Myanmar from
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