Statement Of Mechanical Engineering

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I am Nileshkumar Luhar. Discovering and understanding how certain mechanical products work have attracted my attention for the longest time. I have been watching TV show named How It’s Made on the Discovery Channel since last six years. Seeing the manner in which the machineries and cars are built and the various processes involved instilled desire in me to be part of the whole process. I felt that Engineering would be the area, which would give me the opportunity to learn and explore how the fundamentals of science are applied to create technology for practical and real purposes. This coupled with a natural flair for science and mathematics motivated me to take up Mechanical Engineering in University.
Mechanical engineering is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts
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Moreover, my innate strengths have always been creative abilities and power of imagination; which made me take up a discipline that would allow me to channel them in the best possible way. I have finished my bachelor of technology in mechanical engineering with 8.75 CGPA out of 10. Subjects like Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines, Strength of material, Manufacturing Processes, Mechanical Design & Analysis, Mechanical Vibrations etc., revealed to me limitless horizons in the field of Mechanical Engineering. We are in an era of global and technological changes where boundaries are fast disappearing and the greatest challenge tomorrow holds for us in to manage continuity of change. To satiate my curiosity and to fulfill my ambitions I have decided to pursue a masters program in Mechanical Engineering.
I have
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