A Degree in Engineering Application Essay example

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Staring at engine components of a car as well as holding a smartphone with almost unbelievable thickness fascinated me in many ways indirectly leaded me into getting to know more through different sources about machines ranging from transportation to communication devices. Two years of A-level preparation, further solidified my interest in this area as I found myself very fond of learning mathematics, physics and mechanics in particular. In addition, my curiosity in the operation and dynamics of objects naturally influences my choice of degree, leading me towards Engineering as it is a discipline which satisfy my own interest and most probably bring out the best of me. Since an early age, I was exposed to quite a lot of …show more content…

We needed to fully utilise our knowledge by applying all the basic concepts in physics such as dynamic equilibrium and knowing the stiffness of the materials to build strong miniature bridge using given items to withstand the weight applied. Gaining trust from the teachers was most probably the most difficult thing to do when I was still schooling. Despite that, I assumed a few positions of responsibility such as head of students' dormitory and peers club which helped me to polish my leadership skill as well as my communication skills. Those positions created a lot of opportunities for me as I had been given chances to face and handle real life situations and most importantly is I learnt to make decisions which needed me to think thoroughly and carefully about the outcomes of the choices that I had at that time. Besides, I was also one of the high committee of several clubs in my previous schools such as the hockey club and also counselling club. I was able to cooperate well with other member so that the organisations will run smoothly and I too learnt how to organise and coordinate events successfully. Despite of those responsibilities, I managed to balance both my academic and curricular activities and maintained my ranking in the top ten of the whole batch for. Besides that, I managed to get second place in a national

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