My Statement Of Mechanical Engineering

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Just by looking at inventions around me, I will try to interpret how they were made and how they can function properly. This habit has been a part of me since I was a child. I shared the most common thing that a kid loves to do, which is watching cartoons and somehow this encouraged me to have interest in engineering. Flying cars was one of the most interesting things that exist in most of cartoons and as a growing kid, I intended that someday I will make such a thing. My passion towards engineering was further developed as I entered secondary school as science subjects there were more interesting compared to the one in primary school as the syllabus was more complex and I could learn about things other than living things. Bernoulli’s principle was the first most fascinating science or specifically physics concept that I learnt. I can still recall how I was amazed by the concept as I can relate it to the motion of a ball in football games, which is the curving path of the ball.
Mathematics and physics are the main subjects involved in engineering and they have made the course even more interesting to me. I am looking forward to apply the concepts that I have learned from these subjects and I can certainly jump deeper into the world of physics and mathematics by attaining a degree in mechanical engineering. As the learning
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Shows such as ‘How it was made’ will keep me in front of the television as I am interested in finding how machines play their part in producing certain goods. Documentaries about past and present engineers such as Tesla gave me some insight about the attitude needed to create a great career.
I am sure that by completing the mechanical engineering course at your university, I will be able to achieve a successful career as an engineer and indirectly contribute to the society by bringing them a better life using the knowledge I shall gain from your lecturers and
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