Statement of Purpose for Computer Science

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My inclination to see logic helped me code right from high school. I still remember the “Computer Applications” course that I took, where despite learning very basic Java, I could write snippet programs. I was fascinated with loops and arrays and was surprised how easily I could learn to apply logic and get the required output. An undergraduate program in Information Science and Engineering gave me the exposure to core concepts of programming and hands on experience across categories like –utility applications, microprocessors and web applications. My skill of formulating algorithms and writing codes in required language to meet the requirements were being honed here. My programming abilities can be attested by the fact I scored more than 90% aggregate (top 2 in a class 120) for my entire practical courses. As the passion for programming grew, I could extend beyond academia and design and execute a basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for my father’s business; build an Android game along the lines of “Wordament” – where the player had to find logic between numbers, amongst participating and winning various extracurricular activities. An academic project I undertook, Crowdsourcing in Intelligent Transportation System or Crowd-ITS on the Android mobile platform, recorded crowd-sourced location data, I was enthralled how this information could be used to avoid traffic congestion and build better roads in urban areas. This project paved way for an
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