Statement of Purpose to Pursue My Masters' Degree in Computer Science

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I completed my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Anna University, a premier University in India. There is a saying, which says, “The only thing permanent in life is change”. This perfectly holds true in the world of Computer Engineering where novel ideas are not a novelty. It is this novelty that entices me to this field and gives me a deep sense of professional pride. In this context, I would like to pursue my graduation in computer engineering, which not only supplements the knowledge that I possess but also provides a strong platform for my future career goals. My search interest lies mainly in the field of Computer Networks. It was during the early stages of my undergraduate study that I got attracted to the area of Computer Networks and was immensely fascinated about its diversity. The areas which particularly interested me were Wireless Networks and Network Security. I strongly opine that these fields have taken the world to a newer dimension and brought it to a common platform. The ever increasing applications of computers in technological development demand more efficient networking. Coming from a background of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I have developed a fascination to probe into the area of Networking in general and Computer Networks in particular which possess a challenging task in interconnecting PC’s and Laptops. This cultivated my interest to take Computer Engineering as my

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