Statement of Purpose for Mechanical Engineering

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Truthfully, I have always been immersed in Physics studies since the first time I learn about it. I love the fact that by learning Physics, it can teach us how to think critically and help in solving unexpected problems that we encounter in our daily life. I found that mechanical engineering is the course that can help me continue my interest in this subject since it involved most of the concept in Physics such as mechanics, kinematics, and thermodynamics. Mechanical engineering is also appealing to me because I love to design new things as well as handling the machines and tools. I also believe that by specializing in this course, I can have the opportunity to handle various types of machine and therefore, the knowledge that is gained through this will become such a great assistance to me in creating and manufacturing my own systems in future.
I started to think that mechanical engineering is so exciting when I started to watch the television program which is called ‘Pimp My Ride’. This program shows the audience on how to restore and modify a poor condition car to become a great one and even look like a brand new car. I was always amazed on how the professional engineers in that show come out with a great idea and able to work together in harmonious way even though sometimes they argue about a few small things while upgrading the cars. Truthfully, they had inspired me to become a great engineer just like them especially Mad Mike, one of the outrageous engineer in that

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