Statement of Purpose to Pursue a Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Malla Reddy Engineering College

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Coming from a time where black and white televisions and huge telephone boxes were a boon to the age where the plasma, LED and LCD televisions and smart phones have become the norm of the day, electronics have always been a wonder to me. As a kid, being able to see objects on screen without any apparent action behind, talking on telephones and even further in time on wireless devices had always intrigued me and this very fact of transmission has always been a compelling factor in deciding my educational and career paths.
I am pursuing an inspiring four-year undergraduate course in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Malla Reddy Engineering College which is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. I would like to …show more content…

These projects have given me most of the basic required knowledge I would need to pursue a masters degree.
In order to pursue my objectives I would need a good institution, which among other things aids constructive learning and creates an ambience where ideas can be generated and implemented. The United States is very well known for being technologically ahead of the other countries and for conducting the latest research activities in various areas of chip designing up to the micro and nano levels. Hence, I believe that pursuing a master’s program in USA will help in channelizing my efforts in the right path and in realizing my goals of setting up my own company.
In my search for a university that offers a suitable program, I came across your university and heard about the high quality of education and availability of excellent research facilities and hence think that it would be an appropriate place for me to learn and develop knowledge in the field of my interest. From the information about current faculty research, which I have obtained from the university web site, I find that pioneering research work is being done in the field of electronics at the university. Being a part of such an excellent research team will be a major step in achieving my long term goal. The highly competitive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere at the university will bring out the best in me and thus excites me to apply for a post-graduate program at the university. I

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