Statistical Analysis Using Ibm Spss Statistics

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Statistical analysis
Data were analyzed using IBM SPSS statistics 20.0 software. Independent t‑test was used for comparison of the continuous variable between the two groups.
Variables expressed as mean ± standard deviation then converted to standard errors of the mean. For repeated or continuous measurements, analysis of variance was used.
P < 0.05 was considered as statistically significant.
Of the 49 patients included in our study, 36 patients underwent CABG, while 13 required valve replacement,
12 underwent mitral valve replacement, while one patient with chronic aortic dissection underwent aortic root replacement with re‑implantation of the coronaries.
Twenty‑four patients were diabetic, with 9 having insulin‑dependent diabetes mellitus (DM), and 15, noninsulin‑dependent DM. Seven patients had suffered a myocardial infarction (MI) < 0.05) [Table 1]. About 17 (74%) patients in the
ETT group required extra doses of fentanyl in response to laryngoscopy and after tracheal intubation, while none of the patients in the I‑gel group required additional doses of fentanyl after I‑gel insertion. Following the skin incision, however, only two patients (8%) in the ETT group required extra doses of fentanyl as compared to none in I‑gel group. No patient from any group required extra analgesia
Table 1: Patient characteristics and demographic data (mean±SEM) ratio or number of patients
I‑gel airway group (n=23)
tube group
Sex (male: female) 17:6 22:4
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