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Stealth Creative St Louis branch is located in downtown Saint Louis (1617 Locust Street, St Louis, MO 63103. Having a location in downtown has its advantages like operating close to its clients. Main offices of their clients like Sprint, Charter Business, Barnes Jewish Hospital, and Saint Louis Science Center are located in downtown too. Other clients are also located in downtown, and I believe that’s why Stealth Creative opened its St Louis main office there.
Usually the rent cost of office in downtown is really high, but staying very near of its business customers and clients makes the costs worthwhile. For example, even though if Stealth Creative had its own building (main office) in St Charles; had its own free parking space, garage for employees, their own store, …show more content…

The companies want to attract top talent, and those top talents usually prefer to live in downtown area. Also, I believe having an office in downtown creates a lot of corporate pride for the company and also employees. Employees are proud to say that they work in downtown rather than on the other side of city. It’s also valuable to have location near to important infrastructures and services like markets, transportation, servers, courthouses, etc. The location is some form of advertising/marketing, too. Companies’ want their name to be known, and downtown is a crowded public area.
Even though, Stealth Creative’s office in downtown wouldn’t have that much space like owning its own building somewhere else, it is still suitable and enough for the company. For example, in summer of 2014 Stealth Creative installed its own studio in St Louis. The studio allows them to create everything starting from website content to high – end production. Also, it allows production for TV commercials, voice – overs, corporate videos, editing, motion graphics and video

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