Cities Will Be The Future Of Residential Housing

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In an urbanising world, the way people fit into cities is of great importance.
High Density is said to be the future of residential housing, although not everyone agrees to this way of thinking.

High Density is viewed as a key strategy to manage urban growth and is becoming an increasing feature of city plans; our very own city is an example of this.

High Density housing is defined as housing with a higher population density than the average, typically blocks of flats and tower blocks. Density is measured in two different perspectives; physical density related to the density of people in built density, referring to a numeric or quantitative measure. The other is through perceived density, which is in relation to the environment and to other participants.

In 2011, 20.7% of dwellings in Sydney were classified as high density. Australian cities are facing a number of challenges, including a significant growth in population, growing housing affordability crisis, a greater concern for environmental issues, transport and urban infrastructure.

It is estimated that in the near future, 2 out of 2 people will live in cities. This is due to main reason that people naturally tend to concentrate in areas with desirable conditions. What does the cities offer as to why it is stated that the “cities will be our future”.

Our cities offer close proximity to services, entertainment and employment. Building high density housing within reach of the main sectors of the hub

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