Stella By Sharon M. Draper: Summary

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The title of my book review is Stella by Starlight. The author is Sharon M. Draper. The book is listed as historical fiction. The time-period for this book is 1932. The setting of the book is in Bumblebee, North Carolina.

The main character is Stella Mills. She is a 10-year-old girl who lives with her mom and dad, Georgia and Jonah and her younger brother Jojo. They live in a segregated town called Bumblebee in North Carolina. The year is 1932 and during this time blacks lived in one part of the town with their own school and church and white people lived in another part. Stella has a hard time in school and she tries to do better with her writing by keeping a dairy. Stella often sneaks out at night to write about the things going on in her life and the things she sees out in her small community.

One night, Stella and her brother, Jojo seen the Ku Klux Klan meeting across Kilkenny Pond. Stella and her brother watch as 9 bodies that were dressed in white robes with large pointy hats burn …show more content…

Hawkins, tells the men that there are poll taxes and a literacy test that are required before they can vote. This was done to keep black people from being about to vote. The KKK are told when any black man tries to register to vote. Some people are scared and think they need to wait until times are better to try and vote. While at church one Sunday, Pastor Patton, tells everyone that he is going to another town, Spindale, to vote. He invites other men who want to vote to go with him. Stella’s dad decides he wants to go and he meets with Pastor Patton to go. The men head to Spindale to register to vote, but a man by the name of Mr. Pineville, tries to prevent them from registering. Mr. Pineville makes the men pay 2 dollars to register and they also must take a test. They notice that the white men who walk in can register without paying or taking a test. In the end, they men are registered but Mr. Pineville warns them that there are consequences for their

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