Stem Cell Research Interview

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I-Search Interview #2 It was February 24th and it was the end of PE. I was dressed back into my water polo shirt, Adidas jacket, and I had my early release form in my hand. I was leaving school early to finish my second I-Search interview and my mom was picking me up. I met my mom at the side of the school with a smile on my face and a backpack strapped to my back. I was in the car, I was revising my interview questions while my mom was talking about interview posture and confidence. I had already finished my first interview with a doctor who has had experience with this topic and supported stem cell research. For my second interview I interviewed Pastor Andy of St. Matthews Lutheran church in Walnut Creek. My mom dropped me off at the …show more content…

Although, when I was assigned homework for this topic did I discover the advances made in this field. He told me that he was glad that I “did my homework” on the topic and learned the advancements. I asked him if other branches of christianity would agree to stem cell researchers. He told me that most catholics would be against this research just because of the use of embryos and not chose to do their research on the topic to find their true answer. It is alright to be against stem cell research but he greatly suggests that you research the topic before you just write it off as “inhumane”. I agreed immediately with his outlook and the controversy and thought that people should research stem cells before they completely disown …show more content…

He told me that God wants us to use stem cells because he helped us find stem cells and also told me that a common question asked considering this is,”can humans create another human (with stem cells) if God is the creator?” His response to this is that he feels that stem cell research is God’s gift to humanity that will help us cure diseases and save lives. He then referred to a story of a man in a flood who is praying to God to save him, a rowboat passes which tries to save him but the man declines and says that God will save him. After the rowboat a helicopter comes to save him but he declines once again and says that God will save him. The man ends up dying and goes to Heaven and he asks God why he did not save him, God says that he did by sending the rowboat and the helicopter. I felt like this story showed that God gives us gifts, even if they are not given physically by him, and God's gift to one day maybe help humanity cure cancer is stem cell research. The interview was over and I obtained some great information of the ethical side of stem cells. I shook Pastor Andy’s hand again and thanked him so much for his time. At the end of the interview I felt relieved that I got my interview done before the weekend but also saw the more ethical side of this

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