Steps For Overcoming Procrastination By Michael Locklear Essay

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5 Steps for Overcoming Procrastination
By Michael Locklear | Co-Author: John Mac Kinnon | Submitted On February 12, 2011

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Expert Author Michael Locklear
Millions of people struggle with completing goals and overcoming challenges due to the habit of procrastination. In fact, it 's one of the most common personal issues that people seek help for. There are several reasons why people procrastinate or avoid tasks. They can range from simple, basic laziness to fear of failure, lack of confidence in your ability, or simply a strong dislike for the task at hand.

People commonly put off doing things because they don 't know what to expect or what the outcome may be. They might fail, other people might laugh at them, they might look foolish, there may be a lot of stress, or any number of nonspecific anxieties. We all struggle with the fear of the unknown on a daily basis. It 's the way we think and our perception of things that paralyze us and keep us in a pattern of avoidance. If you believe that something is unpleasant or distasteful, or that you 'll fail if you try to do it, or if you believe that you will somehow lose something, you will probably

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