Stereotypes: A Demographic Study

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This study focuses on the how different people response to different targets based on the race of the target based on their stereotypes. This study was brought on by the shooting and killing of an unarmed black man named Amadou Diallo who was thought to be an alleged rapist that the police were looking for. It is thought that the police officers shot Diallo based off of his race and stereotyping. The purpose of this study is to find out whether the police officers would have still treated Diallo the same way if he was White. The results were that stereotypes played a role in how fast an armed and unarmed African American male is shot and how fast an armed an unarmed White male is shot. Overall, African Americans were shot more whether they …show more content…

The same targets, objects, and pictures were used in this study. The participants were told at the beginning of the experiment that they were also going to be paid based on their performance. All the participants started off with a certain amount of money. Each point rewarded or deducted was 1 cent and the point deductions penalty increased adding pressure to participants. The goal of this study was to increase the error rates and failures in respond to the shortened time. This would hopefully lead to the desired effects. After the videogame was over, it was noted that one African American individual was shot by more than 90% of all participants. There were errors with one armed African American and 4 unarmed White men. People in these images were shot faster because pieces of clothing were mistaken as guns instead. The participants decided not to shot armed Whites more than if he was African American because they seemed less threatening. The participant made a decision whether to shot or not based on the how threatening that target was to them. Participants created a threshold in where they shot those above it and did not shot those below the …show more content…

The result that more African Americans are shot does not reflect prejudice but rather that belief that African Americans are more violent than Whites. The purpose of study three was to test the predictions that the reason more African Americans were shot was due to the correlation between violence and African Americans. In order to test this, the participants were given a questionnaire that measured personal stereotyping and cultural stereotyping to understand each individuals knowledge about the common belief of African Americans being more violent. The same videogame that was used in study one was used in this study and the results were consistent with that of study one. It was found that personal stereotypes did not affect a participants chose to shoot an unarmed African American more than a White man, but cultural stereotypes had an

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