Stereotypes In The African-American Society

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The forceful enslavement and exploitation of millions of African people will forever be regarded as one of the most heinous acts ever committed. The abolition of slavery did not right all of the wrongs committed against the African- American community. Now these people, who had been given nothing, were expected to integrate into the same society that enslaved them. The effects of this transition are still being felt today within the African-American community. Despite being very diverse, American society condemns all who are not straight, white males. Everyday, people of color have to fight an oppressive system built to see them fail. No one has a harder fight than the men and women of the African- American community. They battle a society that does not treat them fairly; whether it’s in the justice system, or the educational system. In America, black people are treated like they are second class citizens.

From birth, black children are taught that they are less than. Toys, media, literature all portray bodies that don’t look like their own. Instead, they have to find identity in what they are exposed to. Movies and T.V. shows are riddled with black men portraying criminals or athletes, and black women being depicted as the sassy and rude, best friend. These stereotypes are far from the truth. However, the message of these depictions does not go unnoticed by African- American youth. The result is young black boys thinking that their future only entails a life of crime,

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