Stereotypes In The Doritos Ultrasound Advertisement

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Stereotypes are present all throughout society and influence each individual’s opinion on a social group. These stereotypes are considered when creating each and every advertisement. The Doritos Ultrasound advertisement was played during the 2016 Super Bowl. In the advertisement, a male is eating Doritos at his wife’s ultrasound. The screen shows the fetus moving towards the chips as the husband moves them around. Out of frustration, the wife throws the Dorito and the fetus presumes to chase after the irresistible chip. Its purpose is to convince the audience, male and female football fans, that Doritos are a tasting snack that is perfect for any occasion. This is accomplished by getting the viewer’s attention with a funny and humorous tone. In the Doritos Ultrasound advertisement, women are portrayed as mother figures and uptight, in order to represent a woman’s role in today’s society.

Through the use of stereotypes and language, women are represented as mother figures. The central woman in the advertisement is pregnant, has short hair, and is wearing little makeup. The creators chose to use a woman with these characteristics to represent what society views as the stereotypical soccer mom. The soccer mom stereotype has shaped people’s opinions of what girls should grow up to become. This advertisement harmonizes with existing stereotypes to connect to a specific audience. Doritos is targeting married women in order to get women to comply with their “destiny” in society.

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