Identifying The Gender Stereotype Example

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To describe the gender stereotype example, I have selected advertisement from the website of coloribus. It is the advertisement of the Johnson & Johnson Company to promote the Johnson baby care products. It released on June 2009. It is picturized with the woman with her baby and saying that this company’s baby products are more suitable for the small babies’ skin. I found this ad online Johnson’s baby product advertisements. I have the photo of the advertisement at the end of the writing part. And this is the link for the advertisement: Gender stereotype is defined as specified roles in the society on the basis of gender. For example, generally women work as nurses, teachers, care takers, when men work as doctors, lawyers, construction workers. Cleaning home is like women’s job, when the work outside home, like farm work, is men’s duty. Watching this ad in the way of gender stereotype, it shows the role of the women become essential in taking care of the children than the men. So Johnson & Johnson picturizes the woman in the ad, so more and more women are attracted towards the product because the women are ideal in this duty. In the ad, the all photos includes woman which shows that woman has responsibility to look after their babies, because they are expressive, submissive, emotional, soft and sweet. Expressiveness denotes the maintenance of harmony and the internal
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