Stereotypes In The Movie Brave

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Disney Presents: A Brave Butch
In the Disney movie, Brave, the main character is a princess named Merida. You see from the beginning that Merida enjoys archery, riding her horse, and doing many non-girly things. It is refreshing to see a princess in a movie that is not your typical girly girl. This can teach young girls that they do not have to succumb to the type of behavior the rest of society makes them feel they should.
However, in other people’s eyes, including her mother’s, this is not how a proper princess should behave. Merida should want to wear dresses, take a husband, and become a proper lady. This idea is the one that most Disney movies give to young women. Ladies should be proper, extremely feminine, and have a man to complete …show more content…

I love it. Here Merida is proving that even though she is a princess and it is her duty to marry, it is not what she believes in and she will not stand for it. This is how these children’s movies should be. Women have the right to be free in all of their choices, and they do not need men to complete them. Also, when she crushes her competition it is shows young women that they too can excel in activities that are seen as manly.
At the end of the movie Merida’s mother changed her mind about the marriage. It is decided that the firstborns of the clans will marry when and who they choose, even though this goes against the normal traditions. Merida is finally accepted as she is, and is allowed to just be herself.
In Stone Butch Blues, Jess realizes that the only way to be happy in this world is to be yourself. She comes out as a butch and refers to herself as a he/she. She begins to speak out into the community about her story and is fully accepted into the gay community. She finds herself and she finds peace.
Comparing these two stories, Jess and Merida were both different from the mold that they were supposed to fit into to. Both of these characters fought for what they believed in and found happiness in just being who they are. While Merida found love and acceptance with her family, Jess found that same love and acceptance within a new family and

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