Stereotypes In 'The Myth Of The Latin Women'

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The first of paragraph of The Myth of the Latin Women draws you in with anger but also a sense of embarrassment. Cofer buts up with antics for the name of comedy and is expected to take it well, for the mere fact that she is Puerto Rican. As a person as latin descent, the stereotyping and frustration draws me from a deeper standpoint. Her anger is justified and pushes for understanding for all those perpetrating. Her life is filled with anecdotes of people assuming that they can treat her a certain way because of the island her culture came from or the stereotypes portrayed in West Side Story. She uses sarcasm when she says “If you are a Latina, especially one like me who so obviously belongs to Rita Moreno's gene pool, the Island travels with you.” She is telling the world she is not Maria but an independent brain that is more than the oversexulatization of her background or the pigment of her skin. …show more content…

She puts each stereotype in the shoes of a person it's being reflected upon. “ I still experience a vague sense of letdown when I'm invited to a "party" and it turns out to be a marathon conversation in hushed tones rather than a fiesta with salsa, laughter, and dancing—the kind of celebration I remember from my childhood.” she states. Just as people found her habits unusual, she found theirs very different from her own. She explains the stereotypes as more cultural difference, that everyone grew up with a different story of their life. For her, the story of her life was made up of components different from everyone else in the world so how could a stereotype define an entire ethnicity of people. She was not an exotic foreign object but a human with a life as eventful as the bright colors of the Island her mothers and older sisters grew up

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