Stereotypes and Misconceptions of Paganism Essay

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Stereotypes and misconceptions are mainly false assumptions and beliefs about different cultures and groups. The reason as to why stereotypes and misconceptions exist is because many individuals Stereotypes are basically oversimplified images or ideas used to describe the gender, nationality or even nature of a certain type of person. While some stereotypes are humourous, they can also provide a negative impact upon their targets. Misconceptions, on the other hand, are false and rude accusations directed upon a certain individual or group. There are many stereotypes and misconceptions that are directed towards individuals of the Pagan religion because, since it represents only a small portion of the population, other individuals are …show more content…

Pagans are typically vilified for their beliefs, as though they are less important than those of modern day religious beliefs. The lack of understanding of Pagan beliefs has led to many misconceptions. The most commonly held misconception of Pagans is that those within the Pagan sect worship the devil. First off, the devil is a figure in the Christian religion and since Pagans are not Christians, the devil holds no place in Pagnism. The common reason as to why Pagans are mistaken for worshiping the devil is due to the fact that, as far as most Christians are concerned, if one is not worshiping their god, they are worshiping 'satan'. Personally, I believe that this misconception is out of ignorance, yet ignorance has nothing to do with it. The misconception that Pagans worship satan is a matter of the Christian doctrine. The strong Christians believe that any religion that conflicts with the Bible, and is not focused on "the one true God", is a deception and worship of Satan. One cannot educate this false accusation out of the Christian sect because it is a basic tenet of their belief system. If the person does not hold any real Christian beliefs then perhaps they can be educated. The refusal to judge other ways of life as wrong simply because they are different from one's own is simply proposterous.
So many of the cerimonies and rituals that I have attended are

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