Steve Schwarzman Case Study Essay

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1. How would you describe Stephen Schwarzman’s personality? There are many traits that make up Stephen Schwarzman’s personality. He certainly has a proactive personality because he is goal oriented and takes initiative. He showed this when he was in high school racing track and continued to display this in his adult life from staying up all night to finish a spreadsheet before a meeting the next day to leading and directing many employees under him. Although he may have made mistakes along the way, he remained eager to succeed and deliver and wasn’t afraid to take action. I don’t necessarily see him as an extrovert that is extremely outgoing; rather he is an assertive yet calm and understanding leader. He is definitely emotionally …show more content…

3. Ranked 1 = most important to 8 = least important, which of Gardner’s eight multiple intelligences are most critical to being successful at a major investment company like Blackstone? Explain your ranking. The most critical of Gardner’s eight multiple intelligences to being successful at a major investment company like Blackstone is Intrapersonal intelligence. I believe that a person cannot truly do his best work, work well with others and understand actions and emotions of others until he completely understands himself and how he operates. Only then can real success follow. This is the basis for success in a company like Blackstone and, most likely, in any company. The second most important intelligence for a major investment company is logical mathematical intelligence. Being able to successfully work with and understand numbers is crucial to one’s performance in a company like Blackstone. One must be able to make assumptions and draw conclusions from numerical data. The third most important of the multiple intelligences is interpersonal intelligence. Blackstone requires employees to work with one another. It is vital to the firm’s success that employees understand each other and are able to work well with all different types of personalities. If they can effectively work together there is no end to what the team as a whole can accomplish. The fourth most important intelligence of the eight

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