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In the modern time, the competitive business world seems to be more serious than previously. The main aim of business strategy is creating the benefit in trade and also reducing some of its limitations. Furthermore, another strategy that is applied to the modern business world is to link the economic globalization such as in order to become a listed company on the stock market. We can see lots of advantages by listed companies compared to private companies such as financial stability or are more opportunities to do business. It is an absolutely interesting that the top biggest companies in the world, (by top 100 companies) are all listed on the Stock Market, such as Wal-mart stores the biggest companies by 2010 (Fortune global 500, 2010)…show more content…
In addition, other points that were attracting foreign partners and also opening opportunities for business development and modernisation, because the trend of a globalised economy is having strong, complementary, strategic businesses ally this adds to a firm's competitiveness, described by (Pagano,Randl and Ailsa, 2001). Moreover, that it enhances the brand name, adds value to the company and also make more opportunity to make the firm a global brand with well known companies and also business. Furthermore, the listing companies have more opportunity to greatly increase a capital investment, also a higher standard of accounting and audit of relevant agencies then the public relations is another way to build confidence on the company's as well (Pagano,Randl and Ailsa, 2001). On the other hand, (The Stock Exchange Market of Thailand, 2008), it described the benefit that impact to shareholders, because listed company has under the rules and regulations governing securities trading and also guarantee that investors or shareholders have equal access to the information. Moreover, investors can find a potential buyer more easily because their stocks are more marketable. Furthermore, holding shares that can be exchanged for cash in a short time became one of the choices to invest their money. The Best Way to Build a Modern Business? How to

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