Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cross Listing

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Multinational corporations are corporations that have assets and facilities in multiple countries. More and more multinational corporations are starting to trade on multiple stock exchanges and stock exchanges in other countries. The idea of a company listing its company’s shares on multiple stock exchange markets is cross listing. In this assignment, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of listing a company on different stock exchanges in different countries, the issues involved relating to raising capital in the global market, and how the globalization of financial markets change the way corporations do business. First, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of listing a company on different stock exchanges in…show more content…
Another disadvantage of a company listing its shares on a stock market in a different country is the idea that electronic trading is making it easy for investors to have access to foreign companies. In the past companies that cross listed would have access to foreign investors and consumers but as electronic trading continues to increase consumers and investors are now able to buy shares to more foreign companies. Second, I will discuss any issues involved related to raising capital in the global market. When a company decides to enter the global market, it is up to management to ensure that the company is ready for such move. When raising capital in the global market, companies may have to deal with global credit facilities. Before global credit facilities decide to do business with a company, the company must first prove that the standing of the company is healthy. The company must be able to show the global credit facilities that the company’s overall financial performance is healthy and in some instances that the financial strength of the parent company is healthy as well. A common issue that a lot of companies wishing to raise capital in the global market may come across is the preparation of financial statements. Financial statements preparation varies from country to country and can be very difficult for some countries to understand or read
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