Stock Market Simulation Example

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For the past month we have been doing a stock market competition. The winner of that competition gets bonus marks. Going into this simulation for the first time not knowing that much about it I felt like it was going to be hard and I may not finish where I would have to liked to. But since the competition started I felt more comfortable and got the hang of it. I planned to invest in companies that I think would do good in the future. My first two investments were in Tesla and google. I invested in these companies because I felt like these two companies would make me money. The result from looking at them the day the simulation ends I believe these two stocks really helped me in trying to place in first. Some of my market moves were good …show more content…

Somethings that I have learned are that you should never buy stocks that are rising rapidly because they are more likely to collapse and go in a decline. Another thing I learned is to sell stocks that are bringing you down. This will lose you a bit of money but if you continue to hold the stocks and it doesn't show and signs of revamping itself then you should sell it. Something I could do differently is to diversify my portfolio a bit more because most of my stocks are in technology companies and if they were all to do bad I would have no stocks doing good losing me a lot of money. I would also buy less shares in companies that are doing very well because they have a higher chance of heading down in a decline therefore having a lot of stocks in a company that's in a decline would be very bad.

Strategies Some strategies that I used while going into this stock market competition was purchasing electronic stocks. This was a good strategy because since everyone and everything is starting to go online I thought that some of the more popular electronic stocks would be going up. For example, when I bought Nvidia, it was because they are responsible for designing graphics cards, and since more people are using computers because it’s easy and convenient I thought that the stock would start to climb and I was right. Although I bought if for

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