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Looking for a pot to simmer soups or stews? Why not try All Clad Pots. The 12qt stock pot is big enough that you can cook long pastas in it.

The 7 quart all clad stock pot that comes with a pasta colander which is another great choice. The All Clad "Stay-Cool" handles are riveted and have lips for extra strength. Again, the All Clad brands reputation is worldwide so it's easily a no brainer. The black outer coating helps resist scratching, peeling and other chips that can occasionally happen in the kitchen. If you or someone you know are looking for an anodized aluminum exterior than this is the pot for you!

8qt All Clad pots are extremely universal. Although this pot is not tall and narrow, it offers a larger base for chili, soups, and braising. The pot is actually 5-1/4 inches deep and about 10-1/2inches in diameter. You may decide to cook a small chicken or other food inside this pot which is safe to put it in the oven. Because the pot is made from quality metals, it will not react with foods. Even cooking tomatoes and other highly acidic foods, you won't get the metallic taste other brands give. You may have been familiar with the All Clad aluminum core, but now they feature a copper core! The copper is exposed around the pot in an attractive manner to remind you, that you are cooking with copper quality. …show more content…

Remember, just because a pot is label for a specific use, doesn't mean it can't be used for something else. If you have a large pot that is oven safe, there is no reason you couldn't put a small turkey or chicken inside it. It would actually help keep the food moist and delicious because of the

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