Stones River Battlefield Review

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I visited the Stones River Battlefield located in Murfreesboro, TN. I chose this locating, because it was close and convenient for me to explore in-between classes one day. I actually learned quite a bit about the land and what took place there in 1862. Some information was giving to me shortly after I enter their visitor center, and I was guided in the right direction to help me with my paper. I didn’t prepare myself too much prior to my visit, due to the fact I really had nothing in mind that I thought I needed to do besides wear a good pair of tennis shoes to walk around the reservoir and of course bring a friend. I learned that the battlefield is considered 650 acres and around 23,515 men died during this three day period (Daniel). I had no idea this place was that big, and I definitely realized it once I begin exploring the land on foot. The scenery is such a beautiful place to just unwind, go for a jog, or have a peaceful environment to relax one day. The best part about the Stones River Battlefield is that it is free to the public to go and explore around to learn about the civil war. The beginning of my trip I started out at the visit center and actually spent most of my time there. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by an elderly man who was very enthusiastic about his job. The experience was very welcoming and the employees were very helpful. The man pointed me in the direction to a movie room, which is where I began. It was a short movie briefing the civil

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