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When thinking about global warming, what comes to mind as the cause? Pollution? Deforestation? Well, my thought is: who creates pollution? Who cuts down all these trees? Who uses fossil fuels? Humans.
I don’t believe people are the sole cause, but we are tremendously involved in creating the cause. And really, it’s not so much humans as it is the dramatic increase in population since 1950. In 1950, the population was about 2.5 billion people on this great earth. In 2009—just 59 years later, there are almost 6.8 billion people roaming this globe. And that number continues to grow. By 2050, an estimated 9.3 billion people will call our planet home.
My outlook on this serious issue can be construed as dark, glum, or heartless, but I believe …show more content…

There can never be enough food. There can never be enough televisions or books or clothes. So we have to make more. Resulting in pollution from factories, the loss of fossil fuels used to power those factories, and the trees needed to print those books. And what’s so sad, is that that cycle never ends. And if our population continues to grow at this alarming pace, it can only get worse.
It’s hard for people to hear, and very hard for myself to say, but death is necessary. Disease is necessary. Murder is necessary. Extinction is necessary. These things must happen to keep the population of any species in check. And I’m not saying to go kill off billions of people to stop this quick demise of humanity. And it may sound cruel and almost ridiculous, but let the diseased, the dying, and the starving die.
You see, the problem is, as humans, we care too much. We have too many emotions tied into others that our vision on reality can easily be blurred. Natural selection is real and it is necessary in every aspect of life, especially in containing global warming. Because more people equal more pollution. More paper needed. More poverty. More disease. More unemployment. More homeless. More staving. But we can’t fix everything… yet we try.
We feed the starving; we medicate the dying to hold them off for a few, to satisfy our own need to care for someone other than ourselves, for our own greed for popularity and reputation. When that commercial for the kids

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