Stop Illegal Immigration

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With the impact of immigration, most of the Americans believe that out of all immigrants most of them are illegal, but studies show that at least 75 percent of immigrants are legal. Illegal immigration has been a problem since the first recordings in the late nineteenth century. With a law prohibiting illegal entries, we tried to prevent this developing problem and develop our immigration policy. The US’s immigration policy should have some updates because we aren’t doing anything to stop illegal immigration, our policy isn’t working and it’s a big problem.
Our immigration policy says that we should only receive 675,000 annually, yet we have holes in our “great” border that allows illegal immigration to happen. There needs to be something …show more content…

government should most definitely do something more to help stop illegal immigration. So far they have put up this fence on the border but the only thing wrong with this is that the government isn’t putting any expenses into this project so it’s not as effective as it could be. Even when there is a good idea out there to help stop illegal immigration, it’s a very slow process when it has to pass through Congress. Most of the time, Congress can’t decide on the issue, you can only wish that this solution is so great that it can make all their heads turn. People may say that we are doing our best to stop this problem, and maybe we are, but if we all really worked together and put our minds to this issue we would surely find something to at least improve the situation. Until then we will have to just deal with the problem, and maybe we can find positives in …show more content…

If illegal immigration is such a problem then the US should either make it easier to become a legal immigrant/american citizen or at least do something more to prevent the illegals to get into our country! Illegal immigration doesn’t affect me personally so as long as it stays that way it is now, and hopefully improving little by little, I am fine with it in the meanwhile. Some people believe that immigrants will steal all our good jobs right from under us and leave american citizens in the dust, when in reality they are only taking the low wage jobs and shouldn’t affect us in the

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