Essay about Stop Killing for Fur Coats

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Most individuals have never seen a dog and questioned whether or not that dog would make a good fur coat. And yet, many countries around the world think so. Wearing fur is a growing epidemic, which is frequently looked over. Due to fashion and profit, animals are subjected to lives of pure torture and eventually death. Most of the fur contained in fur coats and accessories comes from fur farms, which make up nearly 85% of the fur used (Coster). The other 15% comes from the world fur trade. In order to meet escalating demand, today’s $15 billion industry now relies on the mass factory farming of wild and domestic animals to produce the majority of the world’s fur (Rogers). Fur farming started in Canada in 1887 on Prince Edward Island. “In…show more content…
When a women walks by in a large fur coat it is immediately implied that she is well off or wealthy. Fur has always been a statement among people. Before fur’s big trend, accent hunters viewed wearing the pelt of an animal to be “contagious magic”. This means that they would gain the animal’s skills and abilities just by wearing their fur (Mahe). However, in earlier times, the whole animal was used. Animals during those times were also honored and respected within the wild. Later on wearing furs became a staple of royalty and class. Many paintings contain pale, plump, and wealthy women and men wearing various furs. In modern times, fur is still seen as a piece of fashion that represents wealth. Demand for furs gradually became so great that hunting the animals became feeble and inefficient. Thus creating a need for collecting a lot of fur with little time and effort. Fur farming fulfilled this necessity. However, fur farming became both controversial and expensive. To compensate, faux fur was created. Using synthetic hair, faux fur resembles real fur closely. Organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, have pressured fashion companies to use faux fur instead of real fur (Conjecture). Because faux fur is made of fibers instead of real hair, it is generally much cheaper than real fur. However, faux fur still has not been made to resemble the feel of real fur. And it also does not hold the
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