Stories from a Ming Collection

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Stories from a Ming Collection is a work which reveals clearly people's life in various levels in traditional China. How does the book portray different levels of people's life (including scholars, peasants, military men, working men and women, beggars etc.), and from their life how do you perceive Chinese society?

Our society nowadays has many traits from the Chinese society. We share many things in common from the law to the way we act as human beings. I can say that we are not far from each other in ways like the feelings we have towards others and loved ones. Greed, stupidity, dominance and cruelty are bad characteristics that age-old Chinese people expressed towards each other in some cases. They had no regard for human
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Killing your own father for money is something that is unbelievable but not unheard of. Unfortunately stories like this are heard of today in only the most extreme cases but this shows that life was so hard that children would sacrifice their own parent so that they could have a better life. This shows that Chinese society is desperate and cruel at the same time. I am not saying that Chinese society was cruel and brutal, parents also had deep love for each other. Just like in today's society parents would do anything for their children. They would help them out in life and in death would do anything they can so that he may rest in peace, and even go to extreme lengths to find the killer who took their child away. In my opinion, I think that working men and women expressed the most love to their love ones family members because they have lease of their minds than high officials. High officials and even scholars may have too many responsibilities to take care of like other people's problems and themselves with their studies, and would not always have the time to spend with the family.
In the story the canary murders, Legalism is more present than Taoism and Confucianism. Law is very visible as a way of life to set things straight. If someone was missing then there would be a reward if someone could locate them,
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