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Storytelling is a pivotal aspect of the world; it always has been and it always will be. Storytelling is within many different things in the world, but it is most prevalent in varying forms of media. Media itself is born from and thrives from storytelling. News networks, magazines, novels, movies, video games, etc. all employ storytelling to get their message across. Each form of media, however, uses a different form of narrative structure. Many creators have hidden secrets in their many forms of media for their viewers to find. Easter eggs play a vital role in the media and in connecting the creator to the viewer on a more personal level. Storytelling is meant to connect the world around us in several different ways. Taking the time to explore these structures can help us learn about both ourselves and the creators behind the masterpieces. Video games are a special medium when it comes to storytelling. Video games hold the unique ability to employ interactivity with visual representations of the player’s actions within their narratives. No other medium, not even second-person novels, can compare with this experience. While second-person novels are essentially video games on paper, they lack the true interactivity that a video game holds. The visual representation of the player’s interactions with the game world is the reason video games are such a perfect medium for deep storytelling.
In the 2011 RPG Dark Souls, developed by FromSoftware, there is in an NPC named Undead

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