Strangeness During The Medieval Period

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Strangeness during Medieval Period According to the European history, the period between years 500-1600 has always been referred to as the medieval period. This is because the era acted as the transition point from the old Europe to the modern Europe. The word medieval was invented by European scholars who combined two Latin words; medium and aevum which meant middle and age respectively. Numerous changes marked this era. For instance, the era began with the falling of the Roman Empire. This fall was of great importance to the European community since it resulted in numerous positive impacts. For instance, apart from the social and religious changes, other events that transpired during this era included the agricultural revolution in addition to an increase in the number of scholars. Apart from providing a detailed analysis of the medieval period, the study also focuses on how the educated Europeans addressed anomalies in this era as well as the manner in which they interpreted nature. Whenever there were anomalies, people of the medieval era never panicked; instead they always strived to come up with an explanation of the main causes of the…show more content…
Most of the scholars in this era relied on the Bible for interpretations since they believed that it contained plenty of hidden meanings that only required experts to figure them out. Whenever there were anomalies, European communities usually looked up to the present scholars for a solution. Apart from the scholars, they also obtained solutions from white witches who were regarded as valuable members of the community. The art of science was discovered in early 1600, hence marking the end of numerous activities that were being performed during the medieval era. For instance, apart from the abolition of interpretations, this also marked the end of the belief in monsters and
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