Strategic Analysis: Strategic Overview Of Ducati

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Chapter 2 - Strategic Overview of Ducati
Following its 1996 liquidity crisis, Ducati adopted new strategic plan under new management of Minoli aiming at strengthening the company brand, enhancing its portfolio and increasing its sales and profitability.
2.1. Deliberate and Emergent Strategy
The deliberate strategy is determined and the result matches the intended course of action. It does not consider the external or other facts. Deliberate strategies guide the companies with a sense of focused direction (Mintzberg, Lampel, Quinn, Ghoshal, 2003)
Emergent strategy of a company is not a part of original planning process; consist with a set of actions, or behaviours which are added in to the strategic process in time to time. Emergent strategy
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The functional divisions were largely absent and it was really difficult for the top management team to make their decisions. Managers, who identified the passion of Ducati, later came out with brilliant decisions.
The deliberate strategy of Ducati was to maximise the profit and increase the market share which was a difficult task for Minolis’ team. The Budget was limited and there were some renovations left in the factory as well.
As a solution for these external influences, Minoli analysed the industry factors and came out with an alternative strategy of developing a global brand to the worldwide customer network to compete in the market in order to achieve the deliberate strategy of profit maximisation. That was the birth of Ducati Museum which was a symbol to the Ducati Staff to develop their powerful brand.
Suddenly the branding was the strategy of the Ducati instead of profitability and competing with Japanese motorcycles, which Minoli wanted to symbolize as a dream, passion a piece of history, and a motorcycle is at its heart (Gavetti, 2004). This lead to the formation of ‘The World of Ducati’ the strategy of all Ducati’s operations, link each other. The centre of this strategy is the motorcycle which serves to all customer segments in the

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