Strategic Performance Of A Company Essay

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1.0-Introduction- Since Encocam is a global company, its customer base has reflected this and the company deals with a variety of different clients, ranging from automotive and chemical businesses (B2B), to its motorbike distribution (B2C). In today’s fast paced business environment marketing has got the central importance in overall performance of a company. Process how a company handles the competition with its competitors to fulfil its customer’s needs, will decide the performance of a business. In this report first we will discuss, the differences between the business to business and business to customer markets, the ways these two operate in the present world. Discussion will be on the ways company operating in one sector can go in other market sector. As Encocam is operating in business to business and business to customer environment report will recommend the strategy for the company as well. In this fast paced world companies cannot survive in operating only on kind of market like only in business to business or business to customers. This report wills high-light different operational criteria for the success of Encocam. Report is going to discuss how encocam can go into different countries and how it can gain edge in competition. 2.0-Company’s Background:- Encocam ( is a company operating in private sector. It was formed in 1988 and run by the owner of the company, Dr Mike Ashmead. It has grown into a big company containing 8 branches with more

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