Strategic Planning : A Building Block Of Human Resource Management

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Strategic planning is a building block of human resource management. It plays an important role in colleges and universities and is essential in today’s changing society. It involves vision, mission, and outside of the box thinking. It is a tool used to determine some of the issues an organization is experiencing and the routes to take to implement, evaluate and make it better for the future.
Strategic planning is the process that brings together the overall goals, visions, and missions of an organization, even in small organization you can develop a strategic plan to guide the decisions in that organization for the future. A strategic plan, is made up of things that impact an organization internally such as, employees, students and …show more content…

If a student is not successful in the program they go back to the drawing board and analyze why this student wasn’t successful, what we need to change, and how do we need to change.
Another great example is policies within a college. Policies will provide management guidelines to regulate direct and control organizational actions and conduct and will be consistent with mission, values, strategic priorities and strategies.
One tool used to develop a strong strategic planning is SWOT. S.W.O.T is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A SWOT analysis guides you to identify the strengths, weaknesses (S-W) as well as the opportunities and threats (O-T) in a college/university.
Visible leadership. The president needs to be visible and supportive and not controlling of the planning process. If campus investors believe that the president is active they are more active. If they don’t believe or see campus engagement, they will be little participation or no investments.
Campus engagements. Without participation from faculty in the strategic planning process, the resulting plan will not get carried out.
Shared visions and plans. The shared visions and plans of colleges must be built on the people. (staff, students, community and investors) They must connect to gather opinions and support that reflect their own personal views of what a desired education and college/university should be. If people don’t see or have their

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