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Strategic Plan and Presentation STR/581 King Freeborn Uyere March 10, 2014 Suchitra Veera Week Six Executive Summary E TRADE was the first online trading company which makes them a leader in innovative business. The company was founded in 1982 and became an IPO in 1996. The headquarters is in New York City. They are a brokerage and investing company. E TRADE provides tools that help individuals achieve their long-term investing goals by cutting out the middle man and helping people save on fees they would otherwise pay to a brokerage house. However, if you want a person to invest your money on your behalf or advise you on investment options, those services are also provided. They …show more content…

In order to rebound from this, E TRADE has to reduce their debt so that they are more viable to investors. They need to announce a clear plan that will lead to debt reduction. Sharing a plan for the future is what is necessary as a discussion of symposiums and on their website. E TRADE need to be more socially aware and engage in community initiative because other companies are doing this by giving to charities or investing in environmental needs in areas of interest. They must understand the potential and cohesiveness of company loyalty and inclusivity as well as working toward a common purpose and focusing on what is best for the organization and customer satisfaction rather than just relying on the baby commercial as the primary objective when Schwab is strategically focusing on plans to helping their customer base invest wiser and smarter. E TRADE is a great option for the active trader. The active trader is someone who makes 150 plus trades per quarter. If you make less than that, E TRADE is not cost effective. The trader would be best serviced going to Ameritrade or Schwab. E TRADE should look at Schwab and how they have maintained their customer base. E TRADE is known for getting a live person on the phone 24/7. They need to look at the types of complaints they are getting and look for ways to enhance their service. It appears that they respond fast and act slow. The customer is smart. They understand

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