Strategic Planning Support Systems

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Strategic Planning Support Systems
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Strategic planning is the overall planning that facilitates the good management of a process by taking employees outside the everyday activities of their organization and provides them actual representation of what they are doing and where they are going. A Strategic planning process includes mission statement, goals for accomplishing mission, approaches for implementing goals, action plans and monitoring and updating of plan. Various models/techniques such as iconic, analog and quantitative are used for different phases of decision-making (Intelligence, design, choice, implementation and
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Some questions such as where are we, what do we have to work with, where do we want to be and how do we get there are considered in any strategic planning for organization (Schilder 2006). According to Shapiro, strategic planning enables to answer the following questions:
• Who are we/what capacity do we have/what can we do?
• What problems are we addressing and what difference do we want to make?
• Which critical issues must we respond to?
• Where should we allocate our resources and what should our priorities be? (Shapiro n.d.)
After the above questions are answered, then the below questions are taken in account for consideration in strategic planning:
• What should our immediate objective be?
• How should we organize ourselves to achieve this objective?
• Who will do what when? (Shapiro n.d.)
According to McNamara (2003), sstrategic planning provides several benefits to organizations. First, it clearly defines the purpose of the organization and establishes realistic goals and objectives of the organization. It also brings together every employees best and most reasoned efforts, and ensures the most effective use of the organization’s recourses. Strategic planning provides a base, from which progress can be measured, establishes clearer focus of organization, more efficiency and effectiveness and solves major problem of the organization. Some potential problems and their solutions are given in appendix
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